Dead Era started as the brainchild of my personal
disgust at the lack of an identifiable culture within
my generation. I, and so many people I know, had
become digitized, minimized, pixilated, and...

The worst part: I found myself contributing to this artifi-
ciality just as much as the next guy. I was plugged in 
without a purpose —a party to my own doom.

So, as a naïve and inexperienced teenager, I sought
something more. As I waded through the gates of stale
perception and stumbled across the corpses of failed
ideas, I held the dripping, beating heart of Dead Era.
Today you see the result of my ongoing efforts.

The Mission: To restore the culture that technology
has been steadily usurping. The medium of this
restoration: ass-kicking apparel sure to reanimate
even the deadest souls. And, an infectious blog
beckoned to bring clarity to all of the pixilation.