Portrero Del Sol

Posted by : 02.18.2013 IN News

Here’s a few shots we got this past weekend at Portrero Del Sol skatepark. Sean Zaidi was taking a few shots for a photography project. We came along for the ride and spread the infection gratuitously in the Mission.

Sean isn’t one of our riders, but he’s our BMX team manager. You’ll be seeing more shots of our riders in the days to come.

This park has a really unique vibe. People are friendly which is a refreshing change from DTLA. How could you not be in a good mood if this is the scenery?

The highlight of the day was watching the women rip the bowl.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, don’t forget to go check out Portrero Del Sol. It’s a dope place to skate and people watch. Good vibes!

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