It’s time for a fresh start.

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Launching a new brand is much like writing a book. The difference is that the storyline is very much out of our hands, and in the hands of the reader. Luckily for us, the reader has chosen to assist us in developing a beautiful story. It’s a story about a zombie from Los Angeles who started a brand as a means of channeling his true passion and avoiding being shoved into the mold that was crafted for him.

Dead Era has grown immensely in the last three months. Each step of the journey has been essential to our development. We’ve succeeded in some ways, and failed in others, but we are wise. We entered this project with the intention of bringing brands backĀ to the people while restoring the raw and unrefined. This is our main mission, and in many ways we are doing better than we had ever expected.

Our success thus far has been a testament to a few things. It shows that you feel the same way we do. Every time you pick up your credit card to make a purchase, or visit our website, you are voting. You are voting to pursue and support the path less travelled, and committing to at least a moment of the analog. For us, this is not just a brand or a business, this is a lifestyle. Your support solidifies the issue. It shows that many of you are frustrated with the way things are going — you are frustrated that life has become a grind, or that every day is the same.

We’re here to urge you towards spontaneity and risk. We’re here to promote the road less travelled. We’re here to assist in your reanimation. We won’t always succeed, but we will always strive to make our mission come true. These next few months you will begin to hone in on our true colors. We hope that you will have an open mind. We hope that you will be willing to come along for the ride into the “good old times” that many fear are long dead. They’re just hiding.

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