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I’m not a superstitious zombie, but a cautious one. We’ve lived a long, prosperous, but equally damaging life. Some clocks have already ticked past midnight on December 21st, a day that has been sensationalized by the media, and taken far out of proportions for the last six or seven years. Why are we so obsessed with the end of days?

Apocalypse is erotic to a generation without analog life. The generation of zombies that sit inside every day connecting through buffers yearn for the day that they can have an opportunity to be forced into a brave new world. We know… We are these zombies.

We fantasize and prepare for the day that civilization crumbles, because we want the opportunity to start anew. We want to return to a life of necessities, free from the restraints and vices of todays society. Our bane is that we cannot live this analog lifestyle without a major event — so, we create many. We create zombie apocalypse scenarios and movies. We create “2012” with John Cusack… And everybody goes to watch them.

I plead with you now to push yourself to this analog lifestyle that you crave and desire. Go out and meet with the people that would otherwise be across a screen or buffer of some sort. Get yourself off of the grid of technology and enjoy life as if everything you know has ended. Our mission is to push you to live like it’s your last days on earth. Please, for your sake, my sake, and the sake of our future generations… Don’t let the end of the world end your daze. End it now.

Tune in at 12:00AM December 21st for 40% off all merchandise. Man has put too much faith in itself to predict natural disasters, though we create human ones on a daily basis. We have absolute faith that we will not only be here tomorrow, but be stronger than ever before.

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