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Before we begin on our mission, we have to do what any kind human being would do when approaching a stranger. We’re going to introduce ourselves. It is important that you know who we are so that you can know where we are coming from. Hopefully, by now, if you are interested in our brand, you have perused the “Our Story” page and generated a simple feel for what we stand for. However, “Our Story” could not be fully encompassed by an illustration, in fact it builds on itself every day.

First, I will introduce myself: Morty (pictured above). I’m a zombie, much like any of you, and I have one purpose. My cause, similar to anyone lucky enough to be given the opportunity of life, is to…  live. That being said, I have spent a large portion of my early years dead. But no longer. No, we’ve all traveled too far now and we’ve agreed to abandon the conventional and routine ways. Our choice is to live, not simply exist, boxed in the belly of the beast. However, make no mistake, we are ALL in the belly of the beast.  We will plot our escape together.

Next, meet the creature: Ben Cautious. You will hear its name hundreds of times on this blog because it is a significant reason that I feel the way that I do about culture, the times we live in, and… well… most things. Ben prefers to remain anonymous, but its identity is not important. What is important are the lessons and wisdom that Ben has been blessed with the ability to impart. Over countless years, through dark history past, it has honed unique story-telling abilities both recreational and professional. I’ve learned most of what I know from this creature, and it has many valuable things to tell you.

As long as there is air in Dead Era’s lungs, we will provide you with tales, stories, history, and information about this beast so that we may extract its secrets. Keep those things that work, cast aside that which doesn’t. The time to step out has come!  The dead will reanimate!

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