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I’ve spent the last few days soaking into a blend of life that is unfamiliar… I’ve cut out the work for two weeks, focusing entirely on rejuvenation and piloting purity of the mind. Out in Santa Ynez, California, I’ve stumbled onto something.

“My wife and I have had the pleasure of staying here. This stay was a gift from one of the oldest families in the Valley. My partner and long time friend Harry Correll may have less than 2 months to live due to cancer. He was a veteran of 45 years with the L.A. City Fire Department. He never got to enjoy his retirement. Don’t be sad for Harry lived the hard charging life of an L.A. City Firefighter assigned to Task Foce 64 (WAHS), the busiest fire station in L.A. So, next time you see Big Red flying down the road or highway, remember this writing of my brother HARRY CORRELL, LAFD. God’s Speed.”

Exploring the absence of “work” through a medium of forced vacation in one of the world’s most cliché charm-towns, I found myself learning a valuable lesson. Harry lived his life like there was no tomorrow. He didn’t need to retire, because he enjoyed his work.

AND I REALIZED… “Retiring” is really only a thing for those that spend their lives doing something repetitive, stale, and unenjoyable. Harry never needed to retire, because every day he began a new adventure. We can all learn a little from this man. What was arbitrarily scribbled in a boutique hotel guest-book left a stain on me… I hope it left a stain on you.

God’s Speed, Harry Correll.

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Fifteen years old with a taste for foot-jamming the thin slice between awake and asleep, Emmet Thomas has made his name as a fearlessly stylish up-and-coming rider. Expect him.

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It’s really easy to get lost in the abyss that is Reddit. They’ve created a virtual sandbox for all of the world’s nerds to congregate in niché-y bliss. I’m one of those nerds. I’m addicted to the great equalizer: slash-R-slash. It doesn’t matter if your hobby is Nascar or slot cars, there is a place for you somewhere in the cracks and crevices of Reddit.

“/SUB/JECTS” is my way to share with you some of these pockets of the Internet that hold something truly precious: a group of authentic human beings acting on their passion. Let’s start with “Colorized History.”

Colorized History was formed 11 months ago by Reddit user “Zuzahin.” The purpose of the endeavor is to breathe life back into photos both long forgotten and eternally recognizable.

The subreddit is piloted by an approved list of contributors that are also available for private commissions. So, if you’re interested in enlisting the service of one of these artists, you can learn more here.

“A sailor reads with his child as he waits for a holiday train at Waterloo station in London in 1927.” Colorized by crumbleater.

Abandoned boy holding a stuffed toy animal. London 1945. Colorized by HansLucifer.

Auto Wreck in Washington D.C, 1921. Colorized by mygrapefruit.

Easter Eggs for Hitler, 1944-45. Colorized by Zuzahin.

Elizabeth Taylor – Giant. Colorized by malakon.

Hindenburg Disaster, 1937. Colorized by klassixx.

Unemployed lumber worker, ca. 1939. Colorized by Zuzahin.

The featured image on this blogpost is “Soldiers of the Royal Norfolk Regiment at Aldershot, Hampshire getting used to revolver shooting while wearing a gas mask. UK, 28 March 1936,” colorized by crumbleater.

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