Archives By Day: December 15, 2012


“Things are moving fast.”

Really?  With those words, or even the very thought, we huddle in a concrete fallout shelter and wait for the Understatement Police with their burrowing robot badgers, zip-tie handcuffs and brain erasers to come calling.

Truth is, things are hauling ass.  A tide of digits and bits and bytes with dangerous undercurrent is chewing up the beach.  Red flags are flying.  The lifeguards have gone home to watch “Baywatch” on VHS.  Why not?  At least you can rewind.  That’s a unique feature that doesn’t come with life.

Well, aren’t we all yearning for someone who can turn on a little stopping power?”   Firesign Theater

Do it.  Kick back on the pedals, throw your hips and lay a mean brodie.  Make a mark.  Lay some rubber.  This ain’t graphical user interface.  This ain’t MP3.  It’s ancient mechanical physics from the Dead Era.

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