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I’m not a superstitious zombie, but a cautious one. We’ve lived a long, prosperous, but equally damaging life. Some clocks have already ticked past midnight on December 21st, a day that has been sensationalized by the media, and taken far out of proportions for the last six or seven years. Why are we so obsessed with the end of days?

Apocalypse is erotic to a generation without analog life. The generation of zombies that sit inside every day connecting through buffers yearn for the day that they can have an opportunity to be forced into a brave new world. We know… We are these zombies.

We fantasize and prepare for the day that civilization crumbles, because we want the opportunity to start anew. We want to return to a life of necessities, free from the restraints and vices of todays society. Our bane is that we cannot live this analog lifestyle without a major event — so, we create many. We create zombie apocalypse scenarios and movies. We create “2012” with John Cusack… And everybody goes to watch them.

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“Things are moving fast.”

Really?  With those words, or even the very thought, we huddle in a concrete fallout shelter and wait for the Understatement Police with their burrowing robot badgers, zip-tie handcuffs and brain erasers to come calling.

Truth is, things are hauling ass.  A tide of digits and bits and bytes with dangerous undercurrent is chewing up the beach.  Red flags are flying.  The lifeguards have gone home to watch “Baywatch” on VHS.  Why not?  At least you can rewind.  That’s a unique feature that doesn’t come with life.

Well, aren’t we all yearning for someone who can turn on a little stopping power?”   Firesign Theater

Do it.  Kick back on the pedals, throw your hips and lay a mean brodie.  Make a mark.  Lay some rubber.  This ain’t graphical user interface.  This ain’t MP3.  It’s ancient mechanical physics from the Dead Era.

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Building a brand that focuses on the mission of restoring culture through art, clothing, and lifestyle means providing a product that is fresh. Because of this, we refuse to reprint any t-shirts with exception of logo-based tees. Any art-based clothing item that you see on our website will never be reprinted, even if it promises to be wickedly successful for us.

That said, we don’t order massive quantities of clothing–we want our customers, particularly the customers that have flocked to our store and blog in the last month to have something that not many other people in the world have… Something to share with one another.

We’ve always loved the feeling of opening a package in the mail, and having it be an experience that lasts. This is what we intend to bring to you. So, enjoy your clothing, and know that anything purchased is endangered, or will be extinct in the future. It’s more fun for everyone that way.

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